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Mr. Allen Wrench, Jason Martin, Shabutie and the Orange at Valentine's
December 2nd 2000

Sometimes when you wake up after a show the morning after and your ears are still ringing, you think maybe it wasn't worth it, but not this time. I'm glad my ears are ringing, it's a sort of prolonging of last night. When Ariel and I were driving home, we just kept saying to each other that we just couldn't believe how good it all was and we didn't have anything at all to complain about.

The first band was Mr. Allen Wrench. They played what I guess I would describe as blues/punk, or at least something along those lines. Their set was really short, but they were awesome. I liked how they burst into a House of Pain cover in the middle of a song. Frank from the Orange came on for a few songs, too. Rah rah

Jason Martin played next and he just blew me away. I wasn't really sure of what to expect of him, and all Ariel said was "I've seen him on public access... he's strange." But it's good that I wasn't sure what was going to happen, because it made it all the more impressive. He started out with some folk songs and then was joined by a guy who dressed like the Unibomber playing keyboards and then things went crazy. He did scratching on a reel-to-reel! I guess I'd describe him as what would happen if Bob Dylan, Beck, and the Minutemen had a baby robot who got hit by lightning and wore a cowboy shirt, but that probably only makes sense to me.

Shabutie played next. They're an emo band, but the good kind of emo - loud kind, not the whiney kind. Yay! They reminded me a lot of 30 Degrees Everywhere era Promise Ring, which makes me happy. There was a lady in front of me doing the Hippie-Flailing-Spaz-Dance, and I think she's the first to attempt that sort of thing to emo. It didn't turn out so well. But yeah, the band was really tight and they sounded great, despite the fact that too many of them had beards. Oh, and also some kid tried to do a stage dive/crowd surfing thing, but all he did was jump on me and knock me over. Hint to people who want to do those things: don't jump on the dorky kid with glasses and a camera in his hands. But I laughed. I think it was funny.

...And then the Orange came on! I've lost count, really I have. They had a slide show this time! It was pretty. This time was a really really great high energy show with tons of people jumping and singing along. They played great and did nice new songs and played the first song they wrote that they never play lately ("Ten"). I had to change rolls of film in between songs - which I found is kinda hard to do when it's dark and you're jumpy, but I managed.

So yeah, it was definitely one of the best nights I've had recently. I think if any of those four bands is going to a show that I can conceivably make it to, I'll go. yayayay!

Since I used a film camera this time, I can't put pictures up until I get the film developed, which I probably won't be able to do until next week. My scanner really sucks, too, but I'll see what I can do.