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Pour Jayce and the Orange at Valentine's pictures this time because my camera batteries died before I take any.

Ariel and I were totally ready for this. She had a horrible week, some of my other friends had horrible weeks, and such things rub off on me, so we really had to go out and do something fun. Luckily, there was an Orange show.

Things were kind of messed up at the beginning: we weren't allowed in until way after doors were supposed to open and then the first band, Pour Jayce, didn't start playing until a lot later, but it's all good. Valentine's has a new layout now - the stage is lengthwise in the room, so that the place is wider but not as deep. Since I always go to the front anyway, all I noticed was a bigger stage, so that's cool. It was a bit disorienting at first and it makes people tend to stand further apart, though, which kinda sucks.

Anyway, Pour Jayce was the first band to play. They're another one of those local bands that seems like they've been around for a while, but I've never heard a whisper of them before in my life. It's just as well though, since I didn't really care for them. They had a lot of guitars but none of them was playing any sort of melody. It was kind of like they were trying to be high-energy, but it was so unfocused that you couldn't really get excited about it. The phrase "breathing rock cliché" got tossed around in the car on the way back. A lot of old people came for their show and left afterward.

Then, however, the Orange played! I hadn't seen them in the longest time and Ariel hadn't seen them since before the summer so this was long overdue. They started with "Young Amphibians" which I now think is just the coolest song. Once they get signed to a label and put out a record, it will be worth getting just for that. The other songs, too. A totally weird thing, though was that they had a new bass player with little or no explaination of who he was. He played the songs well enough, but it was just weird. Well, whatever. Ben dedicated "Score" to his girlfriend, which is sweet... I think. The rest of their show was totally energy packed and I jumped around merrily, even though when I looked around I saw that I was the only one. I blame the new stage layout. Things will change in time, though.

Todd Sheaffer from From Good Homes was the main act, and even though I wanted to stay around for him, we had to go - it was getting late and I had to get up early that day for class and Ariel had driver's ed at 7 in the morning the next day. If only it had started earlier...