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Kaiju Presents: Carlisle Sound, Gelatine and Peelander Z
Middle East, Cambridge, MA
April 1st, 2006

This was one of the craziest shows that I've ever seen! If you're unfamilliar with Kaiju, it's giant mosters battling each other and well, click on the link.

These were the bands that played:

Carlisle Sound: Members of Ponies in the Surf, Pants Yell! and others doing a set of Kinks covers, while actually pretending to be the Kinks.

Gelatine: Dramatic hardcore from New York City by way of Japan, ending on a fight song for Alzheimer's.

Peelander Z: I honestly don't know what to say here. The pictures get the point across better...

So awesome, though!

Carlisle Sound



Oh no! Dr. Cube!

Peelander Z

Please don't use these elsewhere unless you are in one of the bands or are a nice person. If you would like larger versions of any of these, just write and ask and I'll send them to you (unless you want a million different ones, in which case I might be too lazy).