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The Gazetteers, Pants Yell! and Brent Gorton and the Tender Breasts
Valentine's downstairs, Albany, NY
April 14th, 2006

Hey rad a pop show in Albany! The weird thing: two shows ago, I went with a group of six people, the previous show, I went with 10 people, but for this show I was all by myself. Must have been the rain? Anyway, all the bands were awesome, so yay regardless.

The Gazetteers

Pants Yell!

Brent Gorton and the Tender Breasts

Please don't use these elsewhere unless you are in one of the bands or are a nice person. If you would like larger versions of any of these, just write and ask and I'll send them to you (unless you want a million different ones, in which case I might be too lazy).