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Ted Leo/Pharmacists
Colgate University, Hamilton, NY
April 27th, 2002

Ooh no time no time, I really probably shouldn't have developed these tonight on account of that essay that I still have to do, but eh.

This was a pretty silly show though - Ted and the Pharmicists were the only real band there, the rest was all Colgate talent show stuff. Oh lordy. But I had lots of fun.


That's the shadow of a very enthusiastic Ted fan. I couldn't decide whether his shouts of "Tyranny of Destiny!" were him making some comment on the album, or just because he was drunk and stupid and got the title wrong. I'm guessing number two because early in the show he jumped over the barrier and landed on his face and over the course of the show he knocked his head firmly on the ground with a pretty high frequency. I love it.

Here's a bigger version of this

I'm not explaining these ones...

Bigger versions of these ones (aw yeah): top ... bottom

Don't mess with Ted. Teddy fuck you up.

Camera stuff:
Body: Nikon F3HP
Lenses: 50mm f/1.8, 105mm f/2.5, 135mm f/3.5 and 24mm f/2.8 Nikkors
Film:Kodak Tri-X exposed at ISO 200, developed in Rodinal 1+100 at 18 degrees for 17 and three quarters minutes. Imagine that! Me actually pulling film at a show! The sun can do strange things to a person... and keep in mind that any grain you see in these is actually just noise from The Worst Film Scanner In the World, this stuff is actually pretty smooth under an enlarger...

Please don't use these elsewhere unless you are in the band or are a nice person.