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John Brodeur and the Suggestions, the Kamikaze Hearts, and the Orange
College of St. Rose, Albany
January 26th, 2002

Ok, so today I shouldn't have spent the time to develop these pictures because now I'm going to have to stay up late to get my homework done, so I really can't write a review of this show (I know, I never do any more it seems). Sorry. It was really fun, though. It was my first time seeing John Brodeur & the Suggestions, and I was really impressed, and the Kamikaze Hearts are always fun. And the Orange - this was their second to last show ever, which is kinda sad, but they've really been great all the time they've been together, and it's cool that they're going to move on sounding as good as they do now...

So anyway, pictures:
I tried a new film/developer combination for this show, thinking that if I use a modern film and modern developer, I would get better grain and such than my normal formula of Tri-X (released 1952) and Rodinal (sold since about 1890 or so), but things don't always turn out like you would expect. Kinda really mostly totally grainy. Oh well. At least there's a bit more shadow detail...

John Brodeur and the Suggestions:

The Kamikaze Hearts:

Yay for playing around with strange perspective with wide angle lenses. Here's a bigger version

The Orange:

I like this one, so here's a big version

Matt from the Kamikaze Hearts gives Ben some help with his guitar... big version

Camera stuff:
Body: Nikon F3HP
Lenses: 24mm f2.8, 50mm f1.8, and 105mm f2.5 Nikkors
Film: Kodak T-Max p3200 exposed at ISO 3200, developed in Ilford Microphen (1+1)

Please don't use these elsewhere unless you are in one of the bands or are a nice person.