I sort of reorganized this and made it a bit more useful. It's still not very useful, but more than it was before.

These are personal pages of people I know or find interesting

Kafka's Koffee - Eric's newest and cutest page! Comics and art and stuff.

Teresa's Page - As the title implies...

Kickbright - Kickbright is run by Jeffrey Howard, who as been awesome for quite a long time now. - Matt L's page!

Ted Leo - Ted is a rock star!

The Secret Stars - Jodi is my hero.

These are some of my favorite bands.

The Secret Stars - Geoff Farina and Jodi Buonanno made the two most beautiful albums I own. +another Secret Stars page... Yeah they're in the top part too, but they deserve two links.

Ted Leo - Also gets two links because I say so.

The Lucksmiths - One of my all-time favorite bands. If you haven't listened to them before, go do it now. I'm serious; your life will be a lot better, or will at least include more music by charmingly clever Australians.

The Smittens - I don't think it's humanly possible to not love the Smittens. If you even try to not love them, you turn into a gorilla.

Jupiter Sunrise - Rocking faces all across the nation.

Poster Children - They were the first "indie" band I ever listened to and they're still one of my favorites.

Ida - There's no better music to curl up and read a book to

Belle and Sebastian - Yes yes.

Momus - He's a maker of intelligent indie pop music that will either make you smile knowingly, tear your ears off, or be offended

The record lablels I know and trust. If they release something, I'll usually buy it.

Little Shirley Beans Records and Zines - Shirley rocks!

Red Carpet Ring - The friendly makers of some of the most wonderful compilations I own.

Hub City Records - They write the wonderful Restaraunt Fuel zine and run a label that has released stuff from my favorite bands.

Kittridge - I love every 7" of theirs I've ever bought and I have almost all of them.

Trolley Bus - Japanese label run by the people in Aikagi. Their compilation rocks.

Kindercore Records - Of Montreal! Kincaid! Masters of the Hemisphere! Dressy Bessy! Kitty Craft! So many of the bands I love are on Kindercore...

I (used to!) write record reviews, but that doesn't mean I get my CDs and records and tapes for free. I've bought stuff from all of these places.

Twee Kitten Records - If you want to buy something, see if they have it here first - their prices are unbelievably low and they charge very little for shipping. And the label rules. Join the Twee Kitten CD Fun Club! I'm member #144.

Parasol Records - A great label and their mailorder place has great prices and they send stuff out usually on the day you order it. Without them, I probably wouldn't have ever listened to any good music whatsoever.

Darla - A great indiepop-centric selection and pretty good prices too. They ship pretty quickly, as well

BBPTC - hardcore-DIY indiepop label and mailorder place with incredibly low prices. You have to mail a check or money to them, so it takes a little longer, but it's well worth it.

Insound - A wonderful resource in general and they have pretty good prices most of the time.

Southern - I've gotten stuff from here that I wouldn't have been able to get otherwise. They're an awesome label, too. I think they ship from England, so it takes a while, but that's ok.

There are a lot of brilliant comics on the Internet...

Questionable Content - A very awesome indie-rock based web comic that you should follow religiously.

This Modern World - The best political comic strip out there, and a great weblog to go along with it.

XQUZYPHYR & Overboard - Another worthwhile political comic accompanied by a weblog

Mikhaela Reid - See previous two entries. Unique drawing style for political comics.

Diesel Sweeties - Ooh pixeley

Daily Dinosaur Comics - This is so awesome.

Penny Arcade - I like me some video games.

Bob the Angry Flower - One of the funniest strips I've ever read...